Ashshifaa Center is an authorized center by world famous Raqi Shaikh Ben Halima Abdurrauf. It is the first of its kind in the Caribbean.

The center was established after the visit of Shaikh Ben Halima to Trinidad in 2019, after months of training and practicing ruqya the center was opened in January 2020. The ameer of the center is Muhammad Mustapha Khan of Trinidad and Tobago, he is a student and qualified raaqi under the guidance of shaikh Ben Halima.

Services include hijama wet cupping, Ruqya and quranic treatment, sunnah prophetic treatment, Islamic counselling & psychotherapy.



Islamic solutions for society


To provide physical, spiritual and mental well-being using Islamic solutions and remedies


We inspire the value of GOD CONSCIOUSNESS into peoples lives


  • Providing Islamic solutions to society
  • Helping people who are stuck and suffering in their lives and affected by sorcery and jins.
  • Saving Muslims from going to shirk and prohibited ways for help.
  • Dawa to non-muslims by showing them the power of Allahs Quran.
  • Fighting sorcery and shirk everywhere until we break the magicians work and they become weak by the help of Allah.
  • Putting an end to false healers.
  • Provide alternative therapy of wet cupping hijama.
  • Provide prophetic and Quranic remedies.