What is hijama? 

Hijama or wet cupping involves the application of sterile cups using manual vacuum pumps to certain points on your body. Once cups are in position blood is drawn into the cups through small skin incisions/scratches made prior. The aim of Hijama is to extract stagnated or congested blood from certain points around your body. The theory is that such blood could slow down the delivery of much needed oxygen, mineral electrolytes, vitamins, enzymes, immune system cells & antibodies to your cells, tissues and organs. With stagnated or congested blood present in your body; your cells, tissues and organs may not function at the best and so latter become progressively weak, inefficient or easily overcome by Bacteria, Infection etc .


Why choose hijama?

Hijama is an ancient bloodletting technique utilized in many parts of the Middle East, China and Europe. It is a drug-less healing an alternative to medication and a form of therapeutic treatment used for many years. It was recommended by prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) as one of the best methods of treatment.


What are the benefits?


Blood Detoxification

The main cause of many illnesses is the accumulation of acidic toxins and impurities in your blood. How can you stay healthy when the blood circulating in your body is full of toxic waste? Hijama gets rid of this unwanted and harmful blood and improves the performance of your body organs. With purified blood flowing in your body, you can prevent sickness and recover quickly if ill.  

Improved Blood Circulation

Your health is dependent on the circulation of blood and body fluids such as hormones and lymphatic fluid. Your body suffers a lot if the flow of these fluids gets stagnated. Hijama draws out the congested blood and increases the circulation of blood and plasma. It remedies all the diseases and disorders associated with failure of blood. When blood reaches all your organs properly, your body functions are better regulated, and you feel healthier.

Pain Relief

One of the biggest advantages of Hijama is in reducing pain and stiffness of muscles and tendons. It removes stagnated blood from the area of discomfort and increases the flow of detoxified blood, allowing fresh nutrients and oxygen to reach those areas and giving instant relief. This results in increased elasticity of your muscles and better performance of body organs.

Better Immunity

Hijama strengthens the body’s resistance against illnesses by improving your immune system. It kicks off the defensive mechanism of your body. When small incisions are made on the skin, the defensive cells get activated to heal the bruised area. This prepares your body to fight against diseases and so prevents illnesses.

Regulation of Body Systems

There are endless benefits of Hijama. Performing Hijama on the corresponding points on the body is used to treat disorders such as liver and kidney problems, dysfunction, digestive disorders and some gynecological disorders. Due to its strengthening and stimulating effects, it has been used successfully to regulate body systems and treat several conditions. Hijama can treat headaches, back pain, arthritis, injuries, fatigue, anemia, depression, paralysis and sciatica, skin problems, blood pressure, menstrual problems in women, weight loss, infertility, constipation, spiritual issues and more.

Hijama is not only beneficial in this world but also has infinite heavenly rewards.  Prophet performed this treatment many times and regarded it the best form of medical care, HE was commanded by the angels to do hijama. This alone is enough reason for any true believer to carry out this act, it’s a prophetic treatment.


Frequently Asked Questions


Does it hurt?

Pain tolerance differs from person to person though you can be reassured that with the hundreds of people we have serviced to date that we have had no client unable to tolerate the procedure. Some patients say it tickles and others compare it to the flick of an elastic rubber band, others didn’t even feel it.

Are there any side effects? 

Generally, hijama has no major side effects. One should understand that after Hijama, the places on body where cups were applied may show some discolorations for a few days (on avg 3-5 days). There may be also slight superficial small scratches on skin.