What is ruqya or quranic cures?

When we speak about ruqya or quranic cures, it is a treatment that entails recitation of quran (Allahs Words), dua (supplicating to Allah) to treat spiritual problems such as sorcery, magic, jinn affliction or evil eye.

What is our method?

Our method is based on a logical diagnostic (question and answer). We do not believe in unseen diagnostic (jins help, angels, vision etc). The symptoms are unusual, abnormal, unexplained symptoms that are based on quran and Sunnah.

The four main symptoms are:

Abnormal unexplained physical or health problems:

·       Medical diseases or ailments that doctors can’t explain, even if the disease is known but they don’t have a solution or a cause or origin for problem, medications don’t work. Medical tests do not explain. Eg. infertility, paralysis, open wounds, women issues etc etc.

·       Pains in body that don’t go away, it keeps coming and going with no proper explanation. Headaches, back pains, cramps, muscle spasms, strange feelings, hot/cold sensations etc.

·       Abnormal stomach issues that always goes and comes no real solution.

Eg Ulcers, digestive problems, chronic constipation, acid reflux, bloating, swelling etc

·       Abnormal skin problems, skin rashes that don’t go away with medication, unusual itching, eczema, breakouts etc

·       The list of unusual abnormal physical symptoms are many!

Abnormal unusual unexplained mental or emotional states:

·       The person becomes angry for no real reason or for small things and loses control.

·       Person can no longer concentrate, focus or forgets eg prayer, Studies work. He is always tired and weak all though he slept entire night.

·       The person sometimes feels, sees, hears or imagine things.

·       The person thinks about death a lot, feels like he can’t go forward In life, he feels like he is going in circles in life, he feels he is getting blocked in life.

·       He gets sad a lot, depress, anxious, nervous, fearful, confuse for no real reason.

·       This symptom can reach as far as being diagnosed with mental or psychological disorder with no real cause and no real solution.

Abnormal unusual unexplained blockages in life

·       This symptom is the main one. All of sudden he cannot study and keeps failing his exams, cannot go forward in school.

·       Cannot get marry, abnormal relationship problems.

·       Cannot get a job or keeps losing his jobs, or loses his customers and business for no real reasons and money never stays.

·       Vehicle and house problems that never ends.


·       Marriage issues that are abnormal no real explanation for problems, always arguing, communication issues, intimate and sexual problems, children problems.


Abnormal reoccurring dreams, nightmares or visions

Sorcery will always show in dreams because it is a spiritual attack. We can understand the sorcery by certain symbols in dreams which matches back with other symptoms mention before.

Person keeps having sexual dreams, he dreams animals or people attacking him, he keeps dreaming water river sea etc, he dreams dead people, flying, falling etc

When diagnostic is completed we can logically conclude how the sorcery was done and then we can issue a treatment plan based on quran and Sunnah (prophetic way).

What is the treatment?

Sorcery is done in four main ways: Consume (eaten etc), step-on or touched, sent into body by jinn and by using symbols which are placed in remote area (eg river cemetery)

Once we understand from diagnostic how it was done we can then destroy it. Sorcery is destroyed or removed by how it is done and not by symptoms. Person is placed on a treatment plan for number of days.

·       Magic which is consume is destroyed and removed by using quranic water and senna which will destroy and purge stomach/organs of it.

·       Magic which was step-on or touched will be removed by using quranic olive or blackseed oil which person must rub and massage specific area.

·       Magic which was sent into body by jin will be removed by quranic hijama (wet cupping).

·       Magic done by using symbols and placed in remote areas will be destroyed/canceled by washing or bathing with quranic water.


After period of treatment persons are then followed up by rechecking their diagnostic form to see how many of symptoms are gone and if any remains and we try to understand why and we keep treating if necessary.


What about the jins?

Once sorcery is removed the jins will be gone most of the time because jinns come because of sorcery. If there is possession we use direct quranic recitation onto patient, we can also use Shaikh Abdurauf Ben Halima jinn catching method to remove jins using quran and dua.


Tell me more !

Ashshifaa Center is an authorized center by world famous Raqi Shaikh Abdurrauf Ben Halima, first of its kind in the Caribbean. Services include hijama wet cupping, quranic treatments and Sunnah prophetic treatments. Our practitioners are certified, we have both male and female practitioners.

Our objectives are as follows:

·       Helping people who are stuck and suffering in their lives an affected by sorcery and jins.

·       Saving muslims from going to shirk and prohibited ways for help.

·       Dawa to non muslims by showing them the power of Allahs quran.

·       Fighting sorcery and shirk everywhere until we break the magicians work and they become weak by the help of Allah.

·       Breaking ruqya business by teaching, showing everyone and putting an end to fake healers.