1 What is the capture?

Capture the Jinn is to bring them into the body of a person called the catcher; the djinn comes instantly and is our prisoner, we can do what we want with him. How is this possible? We discovered through the practice of roqya the fact that all those who were possessed by Jinn and Jinn spoke through their mouth, once the djinn is gone and he is cured by the grace of Allah, an opening remains between him and the world of the Jinn that allows the Jinn to influence him but he can also act on their world through this opening. And how can he act on them and bring them? With the intention, the duaa and reciting baqara 148 from “aynama”. But how is it that they are our prisoners and to do what we want them? It is we who him back by the power of Allah and his words, so it will not leave that if we allow them, it is our prisoner. The lead in the world put it in a position of extreme vulnerability to interference. You only need to type his neck – neck of the catcher – your hand to cut off his head, and if you hit his hand, you he cuts the hand, etc.

The catcher has no djinn who leads the djinns and we have not Jinn we work with, but the catcher has an opening on the world of the Jinn from its past by Jinn and witchcraft abuses, and this opening allows us to bring the Jinn by his intermediary to discuss with him and the control.

2 How to get a catcher?

You get a patient and a djinn talks through his mouth reading: it is he who will be catcher. You must first solve the problem of his or her Jinn by the grace of Allah by discussing with them and preaching them to Allah. If this does not work, read the verse of the throne and struck his shot slightly with your hand as if you slices his head with a sword. Most often, the torture will push the djinn to escape and the patient will resume his spirits; but might there under torture until he complains that witchcraft prevented him from leaving. At that time does he propose that islam or death and continues to the torture. If he fled then recites: “from aynama” 2/148 until he returns. If he is back, now the situation is reversed and instead that the djinn has the person is the person who possesses the djinn. Then continues the recitation and beatings until he dies or embraces islam. So you say to the djinn has converted or the patient if he is dead: “Now we will ask Allah to bring the Jinn that remain with you” and you you recite: “from aynama” 2/148 until they are there. You you repeat the same operation until they convert or die. And then you say to the patient: “Now we will ask Allah to bring back all the Jinn from which they came.” If they come to the House, it brings in cha Allah all the Jinn that remain in the House. If a wizard sent them, it brings back all the Jinn that remain in the sorcerer; If they come to a pact made by the ancestors with the Jinn, it brings all the Jinn that are related to this Covenant; “if they come from a place where we love the jinns as the fetish, the River, the forest or the mountain, it brings in cha Allah all djinns who worship there.” You you recite: “from aynama” 2/148 until they are all there. Once they are present, we will discuss with them until they converted to Islam in cha Allah; How to preach them is mentioned in the paragraph following in cha Allah. If you are arriving at this stage, your catcher is ready to capture the Jinn of other patients, or any djinn you will want to, but he needs exercise. Most often the catcher is slow at the beginning and the djinn speaks, but in a few days he improves and becomes operational and with time more and more improved. But there are some people who do not support this, or that it’s fatigue or that the djinn will hold still and he will have to fight again to remove it. Among the barriers to capture there are psychological problems of the catcher; If this is the case, make him psychotherapy such that described it in the book that his mental abilities are complete by the grace of Allah. If in spite of this, he suffers and is weary of the capture. then leave and only you treat him and close the holes until it has more no link with the world of the Jinn and seeks another catcher.

3 How to use

After having captured and mastered the djinns for two years, we have come to the following discovery: the invocations and the verses directly affect the djinns. There is therefore no need to talk and discuss at length with them: what is the case that the djinn presents you will find one or more appropriate verses to respond to this situation, or you pray Allah to solve until the resolve.

The first thing to do when the djinn is to embrace islam by reading: “6/162-163. This is an order of Allah those who hear it to submit to Allah, and this verse also destroyed the sacrifices made to the djinns, or are these sacrifices which are their strength and their Satanism. If the djinn objected that he does not know Allah, read: “39/62-63” or the verse of light: “24/35”. If he says that it is created for evil or for fire or it is made by Satan, read: “51/56. He objected that it has a pact with the devil, and he betrayed him he will die, read: ‘9/1 “. If it is attached to a woman in love, or the djinniya attached to the man, he recites: “30/21”. If he said that he was in the service of the devil, he recites: “35/6” and added if necessary: “14/22” and he will be in cha Allah the lie of Satan and his betrayal and to disengage. He said that it was rich and offers you money, recites: “15/21. If he is King, general or great leader, recites: “38/20”. If it seems to be wise, cunning, or learned, he recites: “2/269. If he says that your read the burns, he recites: “21/69” in cha Allah, it will illuminate it without burning. If it is silent or disabled or injured, recites the Fatiha and it will heal well in cha Allah, if he complains that the patient him evil. If he said that his family had been killed, he recites: “30/21” and Allah will show you amazing signs in cha Allah. If he pretended to be Muslim, read: “4/145 to annar” until he died or become sincere Muslim. If he said that you do not say the truth recites: “17/81”. If he application of what right you the ramènes forced to convert, he recites: “inni ja’iloun fil-ardi khalifa” 2/30. If he agrees to go to the fire, he recites: “36/63-64” until what he changed in cha Allah. If the djinn is denatured as a bizarre animal or with a multitude of heads or other things as wizards manufacture with the Devils, as Allah said: “And I will order them and they will change the creation of Allah” (4/119), recites: “30/30 fitrat khalqi lláh” and it will return to its original nature in cha Allah. If it is a weak old man, he recites: “Soubhan almaliki lqouddouss” and it will find its forces in cha Allah. If he’s afraid of wizards or other, he recites: “wa kana haqqan alayna nasroul mouminina” 30/47. If he asks you who you are, he recites: “7/196.

All these verses, it will and will influence it and will act on it to resolve these situations by the grace of Allah. You can also use the invocations, for example refuses to islam, say: “O Allah, guide the!” Shows him the truth! Lights up! Leave the darkness to lights! “etc”. This will be on him until he is converting in cha Allah. Since we made this discovery there is more no djinn who refused to convert by the grace of Allah.

The second step is to bring all the Jinn that remain in the House of the patient, his work and any place that has a connection with him and all wizards where come from the Jinn. You say to the Jinn who are there that we ask Allah to bring them back and you you recite: “2/148” so they come and: “50/22 fakachafna” that their vision go farther, and: “24/44” for they see further still and “18/109” to that Jinn come even if they are also many drops of the sea. When they are here, you are called to islam as you did with their predecessors. Then you you bring the others and the others and you ask them if there is a Jinn in the wizards and if they know other djinns who are not Muslim or who work for the wizards and you read to each time verses to expand the vision until they no longer see nothing.

You spend now to the third step: you ask them to watch all witchcraft there where they were and you you recite: “25/23” to destroy them and “8/11 WA younazzilou” to clean the traces of witchcraft and “16/26 af ‘ ata” to destroy witchcraft in its source if it is hidden or protected or remote and “9/1” to destroy the Covenants and “6/162-163” to cancel the sacrifices and offerings for the Jinn and “”. “29/41” to cancel all relationships, the Covenants and mystical and satanic forces that affect the course of events and block the life of the patient as a spiderweb. You continue with these verses until he left nothing of witchcraft by the grace of Allah, but this does not exempt you to process as we explained with water, the suction cups, the sana and oil because the world of the Jinn is different from the world of humans and even if a djinn sees and ensures that witchcraft is completely overdiscusses the in any event. If witchcraft prevents the djinn out of the body of the patient or retains other prisoners Jinn as for example those who are in the wizard or in the House, destroyed the with these verses and the Jinn will be released in cha Allah.

Then step four, you say to present Jinn: “you see the wizards and sponsors of witchcraft.” When they will see, read: “37/177” that the punishment of Allah falls on them, “wa yazalou lladhina kafarou tousibouhoum bima sana ‘or qari’ atoun 13/31” for their evil return on them, “of waqadhafa until almouminina 59/2” that there is nothing. Destroy the witches in this way destroys their power of witchcraft; they will then leave witchcraft or start from scratch the Satanic pacts.

Finally, tu their DSL: “wa kana haqqan ‘ alayna nasroul mouminina” until Allah gives them the strength and the weapons they need, and then you read: “4/76 of faqatilou” and they will see that the allies of the devil are wizards and those who use their services and they will go fight them because it is Allah that the ordered them.

4 Arguments and discussion

All those who saw the capture of the djinns are surprised and most welcomed and praised Allah for this extraordinary assistance and this divine opening in the field of spiritual healing and combat against the wizards, and some have issued various objections which I list in cha Allah.

-“It is not permitted to enter a human body a djinn”. This prohibition is in need of evidence. We have referred to the argument of Ibn Taymiyya that Allah makes him mercy where the sahabas had the habit of asking questions of a djinn around a woman who had a djinn associated with it. Otherwise the capture operation is to ask Allah to bring him and Allah makes the request and the result of this verse: “where you are, Allah takes you all” is directed, therefore we do not bring it with our power, but we ask Allah to bring him and Allah brings him.

-“The presence of the djinn in the human body is harmful and this is not allowed.” This still has need of an argument. The Prophet, prayer and peace upon him, left the djinn in the body of the black woman to suffer and in Exchange it will be heaven, so it is possible to bring the djinn for a very short time to convert to Islam and relieve the patient knowing that the nuisance that it causes to the catcher is very minimal. I have explained in how to get a catcher that does not support capture we leave and we do not use it, and keep those who feel no difficulty and consequences.

-“It is not allowed to catch the djinn because this was a feature of Sulayman, peace upon him, and for this the Prophet, prayer and peace upon him, left the djinn that he had caught. The prayer of Sulayman, peace upon him, means that person reaches his Kingdom and does not imitate, and the Prophet, prayer and peace upon him, left the djinn after him have caught out of respect for the prayer of Sulayman to not the compete in its specificity. We also catch Jinn a very short time to convert and it destroyed the witchcraft by the will of Allah, then we echo back against the wizards. Catch the djinn and then the release is a Sunna of the Prophet, prayer and peace upon him.

-“But the Prophet, prayer and peace upon him, none has caught the djinn in the body of a man.” This does not mean that it is prohibited, and the Prophet, prayer and peace upon him, did indeed when a nomad and a girl came hastily to eat and he held their hands to prevent the devil eat and said: “his hand was in my hand with their hands!”.

-“Predecessors did not this.” The roqya is the domain of healing where innovation is permitted as long as it released the framework of Islamic law as he is authorized to use the roqyas from before islam as long as there are no associations.

-“There is evidence that the words of the djinn are true and that its conversion or destruction of witchcraft is real.” Actually all that takes place in the capture needs to be checked and it does not take the words of the Jinn as an absolute truth, but we know that the djinn is really converted by the fact that the Koran burning more. Also I have already mentioned that we will treat the patient in a complete way despite what has happened in the capture. To verify the reality of capture, we look at the results: is not djinn with the patient remains and all the symptoms disappear. It is experience that we found many results with the capture.

I invite all raqis to try this technique and they will see for themselves the procedure and the reality of the capture in cha Allah.

5 New horizons

Capture opened by the grace of Allah to new horizons which are essentially:

-The speed and ease of the healing of the patient and the decline in the rate of relapse with Jinn because we achieving by the grace of Allah on the field the Jinn which are in his body, in his house, in his work, those who remain in the Witch and all those who have a relationship with him.

-The solution of some cases that were very hard as the case of fools because they have thousands of djinns in them.

-Defeat wizards attacking us taking all what they have as Jinn and destroying their witchcraft and turning against them their Jinn and the sorcerers of the patients we treat.

-We have established a new procedure in the roqya: each place where we are going during the tours of treatment and training in the roqya, we ask where the philosopher’s stone in this place. In general, they are organized and have a head. We therefore visit the Chief, or the most famous or that we can among them, we invite him to islam repentance, then achieving its Jinn before him, we destroy his witchcraft and we let his jinns fight. Then we go and leave it in this State. It will get extremely angry and send us all djinns and witchcraft that it can. We catch them all by the grace of Allah, we convert it and we let fight them. He will then call all wizards that he knows to his rescue and they will send everything they can. We then again the same thing and after a few days he remains more no operational sorcerer in the area by the grace of Allah the Almighty.

-Destroy the works of the philosopher’s stone break labour who used witchcraft to obtain wealth and power, and then you see the devil allies fall by the grace of Allah and the Affairs of the company back to normal.

Praise to Allah, by its benefit good things to do. The roqya has entered a new phase: it is healing and relief for many people who suffer in their bodies and are blocked in their lives. It is the protection of the faith of the Muslims against the chirk. It is a gateway to Dawa to non-Muslims as the sahabas, that Allah accredits, treated of polytheists. And it is a fight against the wizards, the ritualists, lights and all those who allied with the Devils and the disbelieving Jinn until they lose all their mystical powers by the grace of Allah.

All those who are interested to join this global campaign are invited on http://www.benhalimaabderraouf.fr

We ask Allah to accept our works and we open its science resources to help his servants and destroy his enemies until the word of Allah most high and his religion dominates any religion. And prayer and peace on the most noble of messengers and praise to Allah Lord of the worlds.